A picture says more than a thousand words. We can assist in the concept, creation and presentation of your content.
Whether it is short videos to show the ethos of a company, the hard work of a charity or to honour someone in an award, we have the people, the equipment and the skill to help you create your Event video and graphics content.

Our HD cameras, processors and projectors will ensure the best quality images are on the screens at your event. Our equipment ranges from table top projectors and plasma screen TVs to high power projectors and HD Vision Mixers.


West Sound - Annual Burns Supper

Awards & Charity Fundraisers

The use of visual content at Awards and Fundraisers is essential. Visual content is the best way to get your brand, your awards winners, your charity appeal message or any information across.
In large venues its often the only way those at the back can see the presenter on the stage.
Video can also be used to show sponsor logos, charity auction items, event running orders and any media relevant to your Event. Live cameras to screen can be used to help hold your guests' attention during speeches and entertainment.
By Using big screens, your guests won't miss a moment no matter where they are situated in the venue.


Deacon Blue - SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Concerts & Festivals

We have industry standard HD-SDI Canon cameras, Black Magic and Roland vision mixing equipment capable of providing live manned camera and video clip content for concerts and festivals in any size of venue.
We regularly are asked to record all the HD video, along with multitrack 96kHz 24 bit Audio to create promo video and on-line content after the show.
At Zisys we can edit and convert your content to whatever format you want - for example distribution on USB stick or for upload to YouTUBE or Facebook.
If you wish we can also supply all the raw camera content and audio multitrack recordings for video and audio editing at any studio of your choice.


Conference Event - Ayr Race Course

Corporate & Conference

At conferences we use large projectors and distributed screens as well as live cameras to hold the audience's attention and improve the overall experience.

We use PC and MAC based video server software to playback video clips during the event. We also originate and edit video content prior to the event using Prem Pro and Vegas software on our video editing suite.

We are able to stream and broadcast your event live around the world. Over the year we have broadcast countless events and meetings to the Highland and Island communities as well as Andy Murray's "Freedom of the City" ceremony, which was streamed, live around the world.

Armed Forces National Day

Zisys' Aerial Video Drone 1 - DJI Inspire

Filming & Photography

Zisys offers location Video recording work and pre-production editing for your events.
Interviews and on-location video is unbeatable for getting your message across or showing what people do to win awards.
Zisys also uses drones for 4k HD aerial filming or photography work using our Professional DJI Inspire and secondary Phantom UAV systems.
These are also invaluable for site recces and getting an aerial view of large event sites to assist with planning and site design.
The dual opertor drone has an independently controlled 360 degree camera with live HD video downlink and telemetry.

We have CAA Permission for Commercial Aerial work and our UAV Pilots are certified.
Whether you want to sell your house, promote your Golf Course, see your events site from the air or make a promo or music video we will capture it all in stunning 4K HD for later editing.