Lighting can lift your event and truly transform your venue. We can offer lighting systems to suit any event, whether it is to light up a presenter on stage, or a full-on rock concert. For corporate and charity events we can provide lighting systems for the stage, dance-floor and room `mood' lighting.

Our stock includes a wide range of industry standard brands that include Avolites, Martin, Zero88, Strand, Chauvet, Thomas, ETC....etc :-)
This is all operated by our experienced Lighting Engineers.


Burns Supper - Robert Burns World Federation

Awards, Charity & Themed Events

Charity Fundraiser balls and Award ceremonies are transformed by the use of lighting. Front lighting for speeches and presenters ensure nothing takes away from the message being put across whilst dynamic moving and intelligent lights, along with music stings and video, will add that extra bit of excitement to your event.
Zisys has a stock of themed GOBOs, video clips and props to help create a specail atmosphere or 'look'. For example Burns Suppers etc


Calvin Harris - Grand Hall Kilmarnock

Concerts & Festivals

Lighting is key to the feel of any concert. Sound is essential and live video is desirable but without appropriate dynamic lighting the energy and mood of the room is lost.
Moving heads, PAR Cans, blinders, LEDs, Hazers and strobes add drama and movement where static lighting adds colour and ambience to the entertainment.


Conference - Ayr Race Course

Conference & Corporate Events

Lighting can be used to transform the look of any conference set. Interior walls can effectively change colour with a few well-placed uplighters.

Your company colour scheme can be recreated on the stage set and the company logo can be projected on to any surface.
The options are almost endless and only limited by imagination. Lighting really can bring the whole look of your event together to properly illustrate your brand and give impact to your events.

ocation Video

Mount Stuart House - Isle of Bute

Location, Installation & Architectural

We have many different kinds of lighting fixtures that can provide lighting for a myriad of different events. Outdoor weather proof lighting for buildings, for video shoots, photography and architectural.
Give Zisys a call to discuss in detail what you need