Events require communication systems to allow staff to effectively talk to each other and control the event. Zisys can supply various commincation systems to allow this to happen.

We also supply a number of different types of highly specialised licensed radio systems for different types of event.

Radio Microphone Systems - For use by Artistes & Presenters.
IEM (In Ear Monitor) Systems - For use by performers and engineers.
Air Band Radio Commincations - Transcievers for use at Air Shows and Air Displays by licensed operators.
Marine Band Radio Communications - Transcievers for use at seaside Air Shows for marine comms and at watersports events.
Site Radio Communications - For site management staff, stewards and security.
Radio Links - XIRIUM for transmitting high quality audio around large event sites.
Commercial Radio - For setting up temporary radio stations for broadcast, such as an Air Show radio Station, and Drive In Movie type events
WiFi Systems - For use by Events staff and / or the general public.
Wired Event Comms - Using wired systems and headsets for discreet and intelligible comms at all types of events.